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Remember that time...

When I sold my Fender Stratocaster in place of something else because it wasn’t a “jazz” guitar? When I compromised my entire way of performing, composing, and improvising so I could get a jazz gig approved by the NYJP? When I SOLD OUT MY INTEGRITY in favor of my career? When I SOLD OUT MY FRIENDS in favor of my career? When I SOLD OUT MY OWN MUSIC in favor of my career? When I lied about my friendship with the VERY musicians who book the clubs THEY also perform at so I could get a gig there too? When I did a rig rundown because the pedals I use SEEM MORE IMPORTANT to fellow guitarists than having good time, fundamental harmonic control, and a sound that comes from PRACTICING FOR 38 YEARS? (So far) REMEMBER THAT TIME... I made a social media post about “remembering when” ... When something actually NEVER happened... even though I have been asked to MAKE IT HAPPEN almost everyday since this musical journey started so long ago? Yeah .... I remember that time.... But I was lucky enough to learn from my mentors that saying “NO” doesn’t hurt who you are. But, it does make more clear to everyone what YOU stand for. Cc! 

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