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584 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018


Music, Harmony, and Sight Reading

For Theater Professionals

Get the gig and keep the gig!

Are you an Actor, Dancer, or Singer who is looking

to improve their skills in Music, Harmony, Reading,

Ear Training, Composition, Concept, Song Writing, 

and even Improvisation?

Don't be afraid to ask! Don't be afraid to try!

  • Learn how to read music effectively

  • Learn and understand basic music theory

  • Strengthen sight reading skills

  • Learn basic rhythms, time, and key signatures

  • Learn how to write music

Beginners and Professionals who need to strengthen

their basic fundamentals can participate in classes that are specficially designed to help you improve your musical skills. Each class focuses on

how music fundamentals can improve your confidence with auditions, rehearsals, ensemble, and solo work. 


Study with a patient and professional teacher that has

over 20 years of private educational and univeristy level experience. 


Learn to feel more comfortable in any musical environment!

Please contact me for further information regarding

course details, scheduling, and how to participate.

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