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Music on Music

Music on Music:

An event begins with a concept expressed by the artist/musician to one or more receivers.

This communication is transcribed or hypothesized internally by the watchers/listeners. It’s processed in real time.

It is then followed by a period of responses and further communication lasting a duration set forth by the narrative artist/musician.

Then, the expressional act ends.

We see the linear narrative story present as a beginning, middle, and an ending....

Is it?


It is in fact a non linear closed loop. You could have begun at the ending and/or ended at the beginning.

Time, as applied to music, is only a perception of finite linear harmony. However, music uses time to coalesce 3 points based in time that represent each other simultaneously yet also singularly.

Past, Present, and Future...

"Alone Together"

Simply put...

You have to know where you're going before you get there; yet be cognizant of the fact that you have never been where you are about to go; and will not know until you get there. Which brings you back to where you started...... which is knowing where you're going before you get there. A non linear closed loop.

Now imagine that multiple loops work in multiple dimensions. Those loops reprint the surface of possibilities. The surface of harmonic and spacial time that human freedom grants without being burdened by a confined sense of what must be a beginning and what must be an ending.

The point is.... Just be! Cc!

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