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My first.... Blog?

I'm unsure as to what happens here?!? I'm also unsure what I feel comfortable putting here?!? So...

I'm going to ask all of you. What do you want to see, here?

What, if anything... would interest you regarding my music, my art, my compositions, my life, and my educational pedagogy??

I know you're out there...I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of change... I don't know the future...I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end, I came here to tell you how this is going to begin. Now, I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world...where anything is possible.

Drop me a line and let me know.

I may even open the vaults to things not seen or heard before.

Who can say... but either way, I thank all of you for a least taking a look and listening to what is most dear to me!



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